Thank you to our competitors from our SubOnly Spring Smash!
Our next event is on:
Sunday, November 14, 2021

The goal of SubOnly Tournaments is to promote the idea of finishing matches by submission. We do not award points for actions or positions. There is always an element of danger in competition and we do our best to create a tournament where participants are provided a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere, and can safely learn while testing one's martial skills.





Sunday, November 14, 2021


8:00am - 9:30am Weigh ins

9:45am Rules Meeting

10:00am All Kids and Advanced Adults

11:00am Intermediate Adults*

12:00pm Beginner Adults*

*Approximate start times.


Peterson Grapplers

25583 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355



Adults and kids

Men and women

Beginner, intermediate, advanced



$50 until October 31

$60 until November 12

$70 after November 13 and at the door registration

$5 for spectators

Time Limits


4 minutes


Beginner: 6 minutes

Intermediate: 8 minutes

Advanced: 10 minutes


No gi, submission only, with one round of EBI armbar overtime

Double elimination


2 competitor brackets: Best 2 out of 3.

3 competitor brackets: Round robin - In case of a tie, the fastest submission will win. If there are no submissions, the fastest escape will win.

4+ competitor brackets: Regular brackets, with competing for third place.


Overtime - Modified EBI Overtime (armbar start position only, one round)

If there is no submission after the regulation time limit, there will be a coin toss to determine which competitor will choose if they are starting on offense or defense in the armbar position. Each competitor will have the chance to try to submit their opponent as fast as they can, while the other has a chance to escape.

If one person secures a submission while the other person does not, the person who submitted their opponent wins.

If both competitors submit each other, the competitor with the fastest submission wins.

If neither competitor submits the other, the competitor with the fastest escape time wins.

Weight Classes


Kids will be placed in age, weight, and experience categories roughly no more than 1 year and 10lbs apart. This rule is occasionally broken due to lack of competitors but the parents and/or coach will always be made aware of the decision to determine if it is satisfactory. If not, then a refund will be given.



Adult weight classes are 115 (women), 125, 135, 145, 155, 170, 185, 205, 205+. Under circumstances where there is only one competitor in a division, there will be an option to compete in another weight class as long as all parties agree. Otherwise, a refund will be given.

****At our last event, competitors were grouped based on those closest in weight. For future events, we will not be combining weight divisions like that unless absolutely mandatory! =)

Stalling or Passivity

SubOnly which is short for the "Submission Only" rules style should minimize stalling. If there is a case of stalling or passiveness as determined by the referee, a verbal warning will be given by the referee immediately. If the stalling persists, an official stalling call will be given by the referee and marked down on the match sheet. If it further persists the offending competitor will be disqualified.


Stalling or passivity may include but is not limited to: only blocking or defending attacks with no attempts to counter attack, repeatedly backing out of bounds while under attack, holding positions such as guard, mount, side control without looking to setup submission finishes or positional advancement.

Illegal Techniques

In all divisions, there is no striking, biting, eye gouging, small joint manipulation (fingers and toes), hair or ear pulling, grabbing or pulling clothing, spiking, or slamming with intent to injure.

Competitors will be given one warning per match. Immediate disqualification will result after the first warning.

Please note: Reaping the knee is legal as long as the submission guidelines below are followed.

Ages 12 and under

No leg locks of any kind

No wrist locks

No pulling the head to finish the triangle

No guillotines

No ezekiels or front chokes

No omoplatas 

No body scissors (Do-jime)

No slicers (bicep and calf)

No neck cranks

No spine locks


Ages 13 - 17

No leg locks of any kind

No wrist locks

No ezekiels or front chokes

No slicers (bicep and calf)

No neck cranks

No spine locks

Adults - Beginners

No twisting leg locks

No knee bars

No neck cranks

No spine locks

No slicers (bicep and calf)

Adults - Intermediate

No twisting leg locks

No neck cranks

No spine locks

No slicers (bicep and calf)

Adults - Advanced

No heel hooks


There will be a mandatory rules meeting immediately before the divisions start to ensure any and all questions are answered.


If there is a technique not listed above that you have a question about, please ask at the rules meeting. The decision on some obscure techniques rests in the hands of the referee or tournament director.


Competitors have the responsibility to "tap out" before injuries occur. Due to the potential danger of submissions, the referee may stop any match if he/she feels a competitor is close to injury or has been injured. More extreme caution will be given in kids divisions than adult divisions. Still some caution will be given in adult beginner divisions.


Yelling, screaming, choking, etc. are considered "verbal tap outs." Fleeing the mat while under attack of a submission as deemed by the referee will DQ the competitor. Please email for any questions or concerns.



One-on-one competition can bring out emotions in all of us. Please demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and refrain from bad behavior when losing, as well as "over-celebration" when winning. Respect for all (opponents, coaches, referees, parents, etc.) is lost at times in too many competitions. This is something SubOnly would like to bring back to our great sport and community.


Thank you, train hard, and good luck!